A Little Welcome

20 Feb

Alright, I know this blog is SUPER boring right now.
I haven’t even changed the default background.
I promise, I’ll be better tomorrow. It’s 1:15 AM, I just can’t be bothered right now!

On to other topics!

Why did I start this blog? 
To put it simply, I love reading. I love sharing a good book with people. I am opinionated and like to share my opinion.

What do I love reading?
YA mostly. I’m a paranormal addict. My fav books are the Vampire Academy series, Twilight series, The Hunger Games series and – of course- Harry Potter. *tear* I still miss reading new Harry Potter books!

Books I don’t really care for, not because they were necessarily bad, but because they just didn’t do anything for me personally. The House of Night series by PC and Kristen Cast and The Immortals series by Alyson Noel. Not for me. Not at all.

Anyway, that’s just a little “hi” to fill the empty space of my blog.
I’m currently reading “The Indigo Spell” by Richelle Meade and will be sad when I finish it. I ❤ Adrian. When I complete this book, I’m set to finish reading “Beyond the Cell” by Sara Tribble. It’s good, but few things hold a candle to Adrian from the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines universe!

Anything else I think you should know about me?
Yes. I work for a publishing company. Actually, my mom owns her own publishing company. I am in charge of the website, social media, book covers, book formatting for various vendors, and so on. I’m very, very busy.

Will I review my own company’s books?

Will I be honest about it? 
Yes. If it’s not my cup of tea, I’ll say so. But just because I didn’t particularly care for a book doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Honesty is the best policy 🙂


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