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REVIEW // “The Ghosts of Camals College” by Annette Siketa

20 Jun

I’ve welcomed my friend and fellow author, Erin Elliott, to help me with reviews.

This is her first contribution. Based on her review, I’m interested to know more!

About the Book:

Professor Lution, the Chancellor of Camals, (The College of Customs and Myths and Legends), has a problem. Although there have been Darlings at Camals for generations, there is considerable opposition to the latest candidate, Grace. As a compromise, Professor Lution proposes conducting a suitability test, which on the surface, is relatively simple – follow the clues and find a book.

Being ignorant of these facts, Grace is introduced to the world of the supernatural, and finds herself in Beatrigone, which is in effect, a giant film set. However, when the test is hijacked by the evil Viletrix and his hideous spectral army, Camals loses control.

With the assistance of Wendy Wallace – who just ‘happened’ to be there, Pan, Arjunar – a historical archer, Gwiffyn – a mysterious wise woman, and four extremely angry Incan ghosts, amongst many others, Grace wins the battle for Beatrigone, but it is not over yet. Upon returning home, she must decide whether to attend Camals, or have all knowledge of Beatrigone, its strange and quirky inhabitants, and indeed the college itself, wiped from her memory.

“The Ghosts of Camals College”
by Annette Siketa

4 Stars

Grace Darling is your average eleven year old, with two exception: her creative imagination and the fact that she is a Darling. On the verge of her twelfth birthday, Grace finds herself thrown into a world that is unlike anything even the creative Grace, could imagine. In the land of Beatrigone, Grace confronts mammoth talking snakes, friendly giant snails, fairs from times past, and a variety of other characters along the way.

Grace is trying to find a way home for her new friend Wendy and herself, when she finds herself plunged into a war of good versus evil, the winner takes Beatrigone. Using all the creativity that she possesses and all that she has learned from her new friends along the way; Grace finds that the balance of this strange land rests on her shoulders. Will she be able to fix all that is wrong in this strange land full of ghosts and other wonderful creatures, finding her way home in the process? Or will she fail to destroy the land that evil has filled, destroying her chances of finding the way home?

This book was a strange mix of Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter, with a little Greek mythology thrown in for a little more strangeness. The story is constantly unfolding, leaving the reader wondering; what could possibly happen next. It even ends in such a way that will have you looking for the second book in Grace Darling’s new life at Camals.

I would rate this book four out of five stars and recommend to those who like a continuous adventure, with no rest to regain your thoughts.

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REVIEW // “Hidden Gem” by India Lee

18 Apr

“Hidden Gem (Hidden Gem #1)
by India Lee

3.5 Stars

Hidden Gem is the story of Gemma, a teenage girl who, after spending the last year living the life of International teen pop star Queen Bee, has returned home to the good ol’ US of A to attend a public high school as herself.

Gemma thought being a pop star was tough, but that was before she developed a crush Lucas. The problem? Lucas is the boyfriend of Gemma’s new best friend Madison.

Can Gemma find a balance between her life as Queen Bee and Gemma? Will she have to sacrafice one for the other?

Overall I really liked this story. There were a few editing mishaps and at one point some “head hopping” that totally pulled me out of the story.

However, the good outweighted the bad. There was real conflict, what you expect to happen from the beginning doesn’t necessarily happen, and I liked that.

I think my favorite parts were the “news clippings” that preceeded some of the chapters. Little “articles” from the Internet or magazines about Queen Bee. They reminded me of the society pages clips before the chapters in The Luxe seires (by Anna Godbersen and Gossip Girl (though I never read the books, just watched the series.)

If you’re in for a fun, light read, give this one a shot. I’m already reading book two.

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REVIEW ~ The Lying Game (#1) by Sara Shepard

4 Sep

“The Lying Game” by Sara Shepard

4 Stars  “I Really Liked It”

Cover Art: I like it. It’s simple, somewhat mysterious and interesting. Not the coolest cover I’ve ever seen, but definitely eye catching. I like that the whole series follows the same trend with the same girl.

The Lying Game is not necessarily a very well written or in depth book… but it is highly addictive.

I honestly didn’t expect to really like this book. I had seen part of, if not the whole, pilot episode of the TV series and did not particularly care for it. Now however, I think I may need to give it another shot!

Emma Paxton was a foster kid, stuck in the system after being abandoned by her mother. After happening upon a video of a girl on the internet who looks exactly like her, she sets out to find the twin sister she never knew existed. She contacts the girl in the video, Sutton Mercer, via Facebook and receives a message telling her to meet her. Emma hops on the first bus out of town, ready for her new life to begin.

What Emma doesn’t expect is to become trapped as a replacement for her Sutton, who has mysteriously gone missing – except nobody believes Emma, after all, who would believe a girl with a police record a mile long? A girl who founded a secret club called The Lying Game.
To make things worse, Emma receives threatening notes telling her she’d better keep up the act or she’s in for it.

I can’t really relate to any of the characters in this book, and normally, that pulls me right out, but The Lying Game kept me booked. Sutton and her friends are those evil girls in school that you can’t turn your back on. They pull pranks and drink and party and are just not the kind of people I would hang out with. However, Emma is not at all like those girls so watching her take Sutton’s place in life and having to act just like Sutton is quite the adventure.

I got this ebook from the library and as soon as I finished, I checked the ebook of the second book in the series, “Never Have I Ever” which I actually liked MORE! (Review on that one coming very soon.)

I highly recommend this series.